Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kelserinni's Barfday

Back in Grade 7 I met a girl who lived on the same street as I did, but I never knew she existed until then. From then on we became attached at the hip throughout the rest of jr. high and high school. So, in honour of Kelserinni's (kel-sir-een-nee) 29th Barfday (although I highly doubt there was any puking of any sort going on....she's much too mature for that bull-hooey!) I've decided to blog a brief summary of 3 ridiculous ideas we had back in the day.

3) Saying things with an accent made you sound cool. Yes, instead of Strawberry....we said Strawbree....and just pretended that was how we naturally said it. In retrospect it reminds me of the girl in grade 8 who all of the sudden had an Australian accent after she hung out with a few Australian guys one weekend. Guess what...saying "mate" and "a dingo ate my baby" only sounds cool when an Australian says it (actually, the dingo one is only funny if its not actually true). Just as saying Strawbree only sounds cool if you're British....but we didn't care.

2) Pepsi and Cool Ranch Doritos were a sensible meal (not to mention diabetically delicious!)Yeah...completely ridiculous and not even in the realm of healthy. I know what you're thinking...where is the dairy in their diet? Well have no fear....March through May we stocked up on Cadbury Creme Eggs - they count as dairy, right? ( Just a quick side note, I once wrote Cadbury claiming that their Creme Eggs have shrunk over the years....and you know what they told me? Nope, I just grew. Since it was either accept their answer or boycott creme eggs, I decided to accept that perhaps I got bigger therefor thinking the creme egg was smaller. And FYI they make those creme eggs all year long just to be able to meet the Easter demand.) And the awesomest thing that we thought was insanely cool:

1) That singing aloud to music in a minivan...was super cool. The only way we could make it cooler was if it was Backstreet Boys....oh wait, it was. And if you aren't familiar with their work, I suggest you listen to this on repeat until you can get the 'rap' (from like 1:36 to 2:00) part down. If you do manage to memorize it, let me know and when I make my time machine and travel back to 1998, I will allow you to ride around in the minivan with us...However, I call shotgun.

(check out the dance moves...and you guys wonder why I'm such a pathetic dancer....I use no less than 3 of those moves in any dance routine I do.)

So there you have it...and I left out most of the embarrassing stuff (except for the Backstreet boys thing)....I'll save that for when I feel like being evil. :) Hope you had a fantabulous birthday!!!

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